Who are we?

Clevelandia Homestead and Apiary is a smaller than small  small business run by a full time working mom of 7.  I am a Reiki Master and Herbalist offering natural homemade and handmade products ranging from Honey to Herbal teas and tinctures to crocheted items and much  more ! We strive to help people live a natural and holistic lifestyle while focusing on plant conservation and ethical practices.

My Story

I am just a mom who grew up in a small town in CT.  Now with 7 kids I am on a mission to live a self sustainable life.  It started small with clearing a space for a vegetable garden. The day came when I decided that we should get some chickens. There is something to be said about living a simple life collecting eggs from your chicken coop and eating food from your own garden.   Then a few years ago after having my 7th child I had the vision of making homemade lip balms and lotions for my family. I wanted to know that what I was putting on their skin was safe and not full of awful chemical additives. In 2015 I made my 1st batch of lip balm and I was hooked. Now 2 years later I have made everything from lip balms to body sprays and hair products. Most of the products I make contain beeswax so it only seemed fitting that I also made the decision to  become a beekeeper. In June of this year I obtained my first colony of bees and planning has already begun for expansion.  

Dated - Oct 2017